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About Eco Thrift:
The Essentials
Eco thrift shoes

For clothing and shoes, accessories, electronics, housewares and furniture, toys, tools and more, it’s hard to find a more exhilarating retail experience than Eco Thrift. It’s hard for anyone to leave an Eco Thrift store empty handed.

We currently operate high-volume stores in Hayward, Pomona, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, San Bernardino and Vallejo.

Eco Thrift is privately held, and led by founder Greg Ellison. Our deeply held values have helped us become California’s largest-volume for-profit thrift store company.

Eco Thrift thousands of clothing hangers


Since 1982, we’ve worked to elevate the thrift store experience. This requires providing good merchandise that’s always a value—and lots of it.

We’re innovators in our industry. We’ve engineered unique systems for product acquisition, sorting, pricing, merchandising and recycling. It all results in an unexpected selection of merchandise that excites shoppers from all points along the economic spectrum.


Every week, each Eco Thrift® store adds over 25,000 new items. Unsold items are marked down 25-75%. We recycle the vast majority of what’s not sold.

Working with county agencies, we’ve significantly reduced the load on local landfills. (See: our recycling stats) For goods that do not meet our standards, we work with expert textile recyclers. They export clothing, shoes and accessories to third-world countries in desperate need of affordable products.


To ensure customer safety, particularly for children, we post notices and recommend our customers visit the US Consumer Products Safety Commission Study of Hazardous Products in Thrift Stores.

In addition, we highly recommend their website,, which is the US Government’s online source for recalled goods.


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