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Our Mission
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Our Values
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Our mission statement is simply: We Deliver Values!

But that’s not really what this page is about. For the kind of values you can buy, go to our Merchandise page.

Here, we'd like to share our deeply held values, the ones that drive us to deliver things our customers need or just plain want, at truly remarkable prices.


We’ve built an entire business upon our unwavering belief in the inherent dignity of people. The dignity of our customers—who come from every walk of life—and our family of employees.

It requires us to be a much different business than you might expect.

As a for-profit business, rather than a non-profit, we create dignity for people by paying our own way. We generate substantial tax revenue for our local communities. We support numerous charities. We reuse and recycle thousands of tons of goods. We employ hundreds of associates.

Innovation expands this cycle of virtue. We continually find ways to become more professional, more productive, and more rewarding for shoppers. This process has made us California’s largest volume private thrift store business.

While we have fun at work, our belief in dignity gives us a serious purpose. We find ways to make thrift-store shopping every bit as pleasant as traditional shopping—and far more exciting.


At each of our locations, we buy massive quantities of goods from charities that serve our local and global communities. This provides crucial funding for their charitable endeavors. In fact, everything we sell was bought from a charity within 30 miles of each store.


Reuse of these goods keeps money in the community. It creates jobs and supports local charities. It saves energy and other valuable resources.

On another level, our system helps preserve our cultural heritage by making available rare and vintage items that would otherwise be lost to the landfill.

If items aren’t appropriate for our stores, they become available to third-world countries where affordable, quality goods are desperately needed.

Nearly everything that’s left over—clothes, shoes, glass, metal, wood—gets recycled.

Between reuse, export to third-world countries and recycling, we manage to keep more than 25 million pounds of goods from needlessly reaching California landfills every year.


Our belief in the inherent dignity of our customers drives us to excel at delivering quality goods at great prices. Our belief in the inherent dignity of our staff leads us to foster creativity, collaboration and responsibility. We train people for success. Our employees are empowered to make thousands of decisions each day that serve our customers.

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> For the kind of values you can buy, go to our Merchandise page.

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